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Skopin and Skopin district


Geographical location

Skopin town and Skopin district are situated in the southwest of Ryazan region, at a distance of 109 km from the regional centre. Rivers such as the Verda and Ranova determine water resources.

Brief history

For the first time the town under the present-day name of Skopin is mentioned in 1597 in payment books of the Pehletsky camp of Rjazhsky district (uyezd) as ancestral lands of the Romanovs boyars. Till the end of XVI century Skopin was a fortified town of the Big Zasechnaya line of the Russian State as a part of Rjazhsko-Ranovsky abatis. On 24th of August 1778 with the establishment of Ryazan region, ruled by governor-general, Skopin was confirmed as the centre of Skopin district. On 29th May 1779 it received the arms with a bird skopa, «meaning the name of this town». From the first half of 19th century the town is noted abroad for the national crafts: laces and in particular — ceramics. Today the Skopin art ceramics is widely known all over the world. 

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Skopin potter's art craft

Skopin is one of the most ancient centers of a potter craft, whose origin is obliged to the clay lying in huge quantities in the vicinities of the town. Having arisen in 1640, the craft developed, as well as many others in Russia, making earthenware (pottery) for country life, chimneys, bricks, tile. But in the second half of XIX century there was a new branch in Scopin — manufacture of glazed figured products. A demand for decorative sculptural ceramics led to the appearance of a modern manufacture. Nowadays the closed corporation «Skopinsky art ceramics» produces figured kvassnics and kumgans, candlesticks, the vessels-sculptures decorated with a difficult moulding, made as unusual animals or birds. At the same time there is work on creation of author's highly artistic products for museums, exhibitions and to order. There is the program of reception of tourists at the factory, including the excursion around the enterprise, visiting the museum of the history of this craft, a master class with training to pottery.
Original products of Skopin art craft are a peculiar card of Ryazan region.

The museum of the Russian pottery

The museum of the Russian pottery is the first and unique museum of such sort in Russia.

The origin of such a museum in Skopin is nothing to wonder about: Skopin potter's craft — one of the most ancient in the country. The museum collection allows to study various schools of skill, various technological subtleties of ceramics, and also art level of masters of various regions. Each item of the museum of pottery is not a simple pot but an artwork on the pottery`s basis.

It is planned that in the future the museum of the Russian pottery will grow into a research centre whose purpose will be studying and preservation of ancient crafts.

Skopin local history museum

The history and culture of the land, a life of notable countrymen: the playwright Afinogenov А, the marshal Birjuzov С, the Hero of two peoples — Poletaev F., the graphic artist Boklevsky П and others are widely presented in the museum. There is a rich collection of ceramics in museum funds: pottery, the beginning of XIX century (bluish), the first children's toys made of clay, modern samples of art ceramics.

Theatre «Predel» («The Limit»)

National youth theatre «Limit» under the direction of a deserved art worker of Russia V. F Del became the winner of 68 all-Russia and international festivals in Germany and Lithuania, France and Latvia, Ukraine and Russia during 20 years of the existence. The theatre is among 10 leading theatres of Russia, such as Moscow Art Theatre named after A. Chekhov, and it was awarded the Anniversary Pushkin medal. In the theatre repertoire there is Russian classics and modern dramatic art, author's performances on patriotic education and school folklore, Pushkin's works, Saltykov-Schedrin, Dostoevsky, Ostrovsky, Tsvetaeva and others. There is the fashion folk theatre whose unique collection consists of 150 hats made by hands of the artist of theatre I.V Del, and national suits of Ryazan province. There is an interesting is art-ethnic project for tourists «Skopin is a place of honour of Russia».


Pilgrim tourism

Dmitrievo-Rjazhsky monastery

At the end of XIV century in the depths of the forest monks built a wooden chapel. Soon it became a monastery. In 1380 on the eve of the fight on the Kulikovo field a brave athlete Alexander Peresvet, collecting an army on the battle with Tatars, visited the monastery. In memory of this visiting the hero left there the staff which became one of the most valuable relics of the historical fight.

After the battle and the victory in it Dmitry Donskoy stopped at the monastery. His pitched tent on a monastic mountain and a pine, planted by him in the memory of the victory and the dead Russian soldiers, turned the monastery into a place of pilgrimage of grateful Russian people.

Today it is an operating friary, where there are two operating churches: Dmitriev temple (one of the temple icons is Dmitry Solunsky's icon), Serge Radonezhsky church.

Event tourism

The All-Russia festival of potters
The festival is held in Skopin in September. Potters from all over the world gather here, as it is said, «to look at others and to prove oneself». Within a week masters of pottery show their skill to judges and each other. In breaks between competitions potter's experts give master classes for all comers to try themselves in this business.



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