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Spassk district


Geographical location

Spassk district is situated in the Priokskaya natural-economic area of Ryazan region. Water resources are defined by the rivers — Pronya, Tysiya, Istiya and by the numerous lakes.

Brief history

In the ancient times not far from the modern town Spassk-Razansky (nowadays — village Staraya Ryazan) the town of Ryazan appeared. It was totally destroyed by the Tartar-Mongolian hordes in 1237. Just ramparts and «cultural layer» of the ground, valuable for archeologists– that’s what is left in place of the town.
In the place of current Spassk there was village Spasskoe, which was ascribed to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, founded in the 15th century. In 1778 Spassk got a rank of a ditrict town and an administrative centre of Spassky uyezd (Russian name for «district» in the 17th — 19th centuries).

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Historical-archeological Museum-reservation «Staraya Ryazan»
It is a part of the Ryazan Historical-architectural Museum-reservation and corresponds to an ancient settlement in the place of Ryazan principality, which was standing the siege of Khan Baty’s hordes in December of 1237.
All the really big princedom capital cities came to us having changed their image, built-up, having lost their boundaries. That’s why Ryazan is a unique archeological object.
Staraya Ryazan is a town, where the majority of buried treasures have been found. They were buried by Ryazaners just before the Tartar-Mongolian raid. The last one was found in July, 2005: more than hundred of women’s adornments, dated the 13th century. The majority of the finds are exhibited in the halls of the Ryazan Kremlin.

Address: 15, Kremlin, Ryazan
Tel.: (4912) 27-60-65; 27-60-66 (for to order an excursion)

Tsiolkovsky’s Museum
The exposition of the museum represents the materials about life and scientific work of K.E. Tsiolkovsky and realization of his ideas. The full-size model of the 1st rocket “09”, clothes and samples of the space food for the astronauts, recovery capsule of spaceship «Soyuz 22», in which astronauts Bykovsky and Aksenov came back to the Earth on the 23rd of September, 1976, the documents of Tsiolkovsky’s lifetime editions of his works — all this greatly attracts the visitors of the museum.

Address: 23, Zelenaya street, vil. Izhevskoe, Spassky district, Ryazan region
Tel.: (49135) 7-12-93

Spassky local lore museum
This museum was organized in 1918 for to save and protect ex-manorial estates, monuments of art and antiquity. In the future the aims have changed, and one of the main tasks became keeping and research of an archeological monument, that has global significance — ancient settlement Staraya Ryazan. The exposition of the museum discloses history, mode and culture of the Motherland from ancient times to the middle of the 20th century.
Address: 16, Sovietskaya street, Spassk, Ryazan region
Tel.: (49135) 3-33-96

Baron von Dervis’ Castle
The ex-estate of S.P. von Dervis, a son of a famous builder of the Moscow-Kazan railway, is situated in the centre of village Kiritsy. Architect Fedor Shekhtel created an amazingly beautiful ensemble, which is difficult to refer to any certain style. The towers, the window opening, the arches, the ladder, going down to the pond make the house looking whether like a castle of the Sleeping Beauty or like a mysterious abode of the owner of Axakov’s “Vermilion Flower”. In 1947 some episodes of movie “Cinderella” were filmed here. The palace combines different styles: Gothic, Pseudo-gothic, Mauritanian, Russian Classical etc.

Village Isady
Village Isady is one of the most ancient villages of Ryazan region. It was founded earlier than (or at the same time as) Staraya Ryazan was, in the 11th century. There is a legend telling us that Isady used to be a temporary country residence of Ryazan grand dukes and compiled the patrimony of the Lyapunovs’ boyar family, that one can see on the gravestones near the Isadskaya Orthodox Church. The most ancient gravestone is set over the grave of Pyotr Lyapunov-Oblatchinsky, that is dated the year of 1587. The Church of Resurrection of Christ that was built in 1635 is one of the memorials that have remained till the Lyapunovs’ times in Isady. This church is two-storey, made of stone and is close to the Moscow Baroque style.

Ryazan Stonehenge
Upland above the confluence of rivers Oka and Pronya in the region of the Spasskaya Luka has hidden a sanctuary of age 4000 years, looking like the Stonehenge, as archeologists think. The place of the excavations is a 7 meters — diameter circle, which is designated by the columns; in the centre of the round there is a big rectangular pit and a column. Wooden columns have been lost, but there are sharp round pits, which show the places where those wooden columns were sticking up. By the structure of the monument the archeologists suggested that it had had an astronomical destination. And the things, that were found there, testify to the religious ceremonies celebrated there.

Ecological tourism

Oksky National Park
Oksky National Park is a calm and picturesque place in Meschera. It is situated in 300 km from Moscow and in 120 km from Ryazan. A special attention in the Park is paid to research and conservation of rare species of animals. The nurseries for breeding thoroughbred aurochs, Russian muskrat are known not only in Russia but also in many foreign countries.
The nursery of rare species of cranes is the only place where one can see all the species of Russian cranes. The workers of the Park were the first in the world who created the technology for salvation of Siberian White Cranes. Little Cranes are taught how to walk, and afterwards — how to fly, to communicate with other cranes; generally speaking, they are taught to live.
Along the traditional ones, the new, exclusive touristic programs for the Park’s visitors were created: «Observation of the birds in nature» (tour for the professionals), «Guests at Russian muskrat’s and beaver’s» (water/auto tour), and «Cranes on the land» (the visitors observe the process of cranes’ nestlings training for their further introduction to the nature).

Address: Brykin pine forest, Spassky district, Ryazan region
Tel./fax: (49135) 7-22-74; 8-910-908-87-44

Pilgrim tourism

Church of the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Staraya Ryazan village)
This church is first mentioned in the chronicles of 1629 and 1630 as a log chapel not far from Fatyanovka. A stone two-storey church was constructed in 1785 by A.O.Sterigov, local landlord. On the first floor of the church there is a throne to commemorate the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The second floor is dedicated to St. Paul and St. Peter. According to the legend, Vasiliy of Ryazan, our local saint, arrived to the bank of the river on his mantle exactly at the place where Staraya Ryazan village was located. That place is marked with the help of bowing cross.

Sushki village
In the village of Sushki locals have been worshipping the icon of Tihvinsk Madonna since pre-Peter times — when it was acquired, there immediately opened a spring at the place of acquisition, near the current forest park of Kiritsi village. The spring is famous for its healthy water. Worshippers and pilgrims have been participating in religious processions from the church to the spring for many centuries already. There isa little Orthodox church of Anastasis, built in 1683. The proof of such a long history is a collection of wooden vessels and St.Nicholay’s icon in brass frame, remaining in the church since the date, given above.

Recreational tourism

Recreation facility «Volna»
Bedspace: 200
Accomodation: singles, doubles, triples, suites Infrastructure and services: bar, sauna, solarium, sports equipment hire center, boat station, conference-hall for 150 places, gym, medical center, it is possible to accommodate and hold large-scale conferences.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spassk District, Vipolzovo
Tel.: (4912) 24-31-44

Recreation facility «Sumbulovo»

Bedspace: 80
Accomodation: cottages for 11 people each, houses with greater level of comfort Infrastructure and services: restaurant, tennis court, secured parking place, conference-hall, sauna, rding classes, fishing, boat station, bike rent.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spassk District, Sumbulovo.
Tel.: (4912) 27-25-30, 27-25-31. Fax: 27-25-29

Recreation facility «Sosnovy bor»

Bedspace: 200
Accomodation: cottages for 6-15 people each
Infrastructure and services: sports equipment hire center, boat station.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spassk District, Aglomazovo
Tel.: (4912) 20-17-06

Sports and Recreation facility «Ozerny»
Bedspace: 64
Accomodation: standard singles and doubles, suites
Infrastructure and services: sauna, lighted ski-run and skating rink, sports equipment hire center.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spassk District, Sumbulovo, Vipolzovo
Tel.: (4912) 24-16-74, Fax (4912) 27-56-69

Hunting and fishing

Recreation center «Mayor Pronin»
Bedspace: 45
Accomodation: standard triples and doubles, cottages for 6-8 people each
Infrastructure and services: café, caraoke-bar, children’s grounds, equipped beach, pavilion with the barbeque set, two Russian baths for 6-8 people each, parking, snow-vehicle hire center, boat station with fishing equipment for rent, duck hunting and fishing.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spassk District, Zasechye village
Tel.: 8-920-962-20-76


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