Starozhilovo district


Geographical location

Starozhilovo district is situated in the central natural-economic area of the Ryazan region, 50 km from the regional center. Water sources are formed by the following rivers: the Pronya Istya, Mecha Pesochnya, Naveshka, Polka, Melisya (Shiryava), Gryaznovka, Yamka, Kamenka, Khrapyshka, Aleshenka, Solomenka, Shityak, Bobrovka, Protok.

Brief history

According to archaeological evidence, the territory of the modern Starozhilovo district was settled by Slavs since ancient times. They settled near the Pronya and its inflows. Near Gulynki village there was found a Slavonic site of ancient settlement of the XI-XII centuries, near Perevles village — a site of XII-XIII centuries. The first records about Starozhilovo village are dated back to 1628. In the beginning of the XIX century the village was sold to a horse breeder fon Derviz.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Starozhilovo Stud (Starozhilovo village)
The stud was founded by a Ryazan landlord, horse expert baron fon Derviz. In terms of architecture, design and decoration the horse part of the stud could compete with the best samples of horse breeding architecture. The Starozhilovo complex was designed by a famous architect of those times F.O. Shekhtel. His creation is a masterpiece of industrial manor architecture.
As well as before, when baron fon Derviz was the owner of the stud, today it is still dealing with livestock horse breeding. Just at this stud the Russian roadster breed, formerly lost, was rebred. Many horses from Starozhilovo stud are awardees and national, international and Olympic champions. The stud also has its equitation school. On the date of centennial the museum was opened. Visitors can go for excursion or horse ride.
Address: Ryazan Region, Starozhilovo
Tel.: (49151)2-17-95

Gulynki village
Gulynki is a native land for V.M.Golovnin ()1776-1831), a traveler, scientist, author, active public figure. The Golovnins patrimony estate was situated in Gulynki. Here the elder V.M.Golovnin son Alexandr Vasilevich was born and spent the first years of his life/ Late he became the Minister of Education in Alexandr II cabinet. The Golovnin museum is founded on the basis of a rural school.

Church of Peter and Paul (Starozhilovo village)
Small, but elegant Church of the Saints Peter and Paul, build in an Old Russian style, is situated in Starozhilovo in a picturesque old park with avenues of limes and a garden. It was built in 1780. This is a family church, owned by fon Derviz kin. The design author is academician A.F. Krasovskiy.

Blagoveshchenskaya Church (Kolentsy village)
The Church of Bogolyubskoy Divine Mother was founded in 1756. It is situated in the center of Russia in the Lopukhins former estate, later — the Volkonskiys. That building is Russian historical and cultural monument. The cathedral magnificence is stressed by the fact that many Moscow princes took part in its building. Also the church received support from prince Menshikov, empress Anna Leopoldovna, Anna Ioanovna and other grave figures. In the church there are fresco, middle XIX century Italian artists paintings, glass painting made by individual orders.


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