Ukholovo district


Geographical location

Ukholovo district is situated in the southern area of the Ryazan region. The district borders on the Novoderevenskiy, Korablino, Sapozhok, Ryazhsk and Sarai districts and the Tambov region. The district chief town — Ukholovo is123 km from the regional center.

Peloid deposit has been found on the Ukholovo district territory. Such black dirt is very rare and has been found nowhere in Russia (the only analogue can be found only in Czech Republik — the well-known to the entire Europe spa «Frantishkovy Lozni»).

Brief history

Ukholovo district territory has been settled since ancient times. Near Kurbatovskiye Vyselki village a site of the Bronze Era of the III chiliad B.C. was found, and near Pokrovskoye village, in the area of the Malaya Mostya infall into the Bolshaya Mostya there was found a Finno-Ugric settlement. Formerly Ukholovo lands occupied the territory called the Wild Field (Dikoye Pole), which bellicose nomadic tribes raided through.

One can find the first records concerning Ukholovo as a village in the Okladnaya book (accountant cadastral book) dated back to 1676. At that time a settlement called Ukhlovo after the urochishche it situated at, (later — Ukholovo) developed in the Bolshaya Mostya and the Malaya Mostya interfluve.

Tourist resources

Rural tourism

Exotic Birds Breeding Farm Enterprise
In the Potekhins farm enterprise there are more than 80 kinds of exotic birds and animals: Australian kangaroos, emu ostrichs, peacocks, pearl-hens, Chinese, plumy, dwarf and cootie hens, turkey-ducks, Peking ducks, hen-geese, pygmy antelopes, 70 cm horses, coatis etc. The tourists minion is a small Indian bird Manya, which speaks several languages, can sing and laugh.

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