Zakharovo district


Geographical location

Zakharovo district is situated in the north-western part of central natural-economic area of the Ryazan region, 47 km from the regional center. Zakharovo district borders on Pronsk, Mikhaylov, Ryazan and Rybnoye districts and on the Moscow region on the west.

Water sources are formed by the following rivers: the Vozha, Istya, Pletenka, Zhraka, Pachoga. Along the Zakharovo district border flows the Osyotr river.

Brief history

According to archeological evidence the first Slavonic settlements appeared in the area in the XII-XIII centuries. Zakharovo district geographical location (hollow hills, forest-steppe, small rivers) conduced to frequent Hordeans, Ngais and Crimeans raids. There were Russian frontier posts here. Gory battles took place often in the area of Ryurik Field.

Zakharovo village was founded in 1654 by peasant settlers from Zakharovka village, its original name was Zakharovskiye Voronyi Vyselki. In 1932 it was renamed into Zakharovskoye, later — Zakharovo.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

The Zakharovo Museum of Local Lore

In the Zakharovo Museum of Local Lore there are permanent exhibitions «Ethnography» and «Their names and bravery are not forgotten» representing the bravery of the Soviet people and Zakharovo heroes in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
In 2008 on A.V.Alexandrovs 125th birthday a new exposition was opened in honour of the eminent musician.
Address: Ryazan Region, Zakharovo District, Zakharovo, Shkolnaya St, 5
Tel.: (49153) 5-14-67

A.V.Alexandrov Museum

Alexandr Vasilyevich Alexandrov, native of Plakhino village (Zakharovo district), a musician, the founder of the Alexandrov Ensemble, the composer of Russian and USSR national anthem music and a patriotic song Svyashchennaya Voyna (Holy War).
On the 23 of April the museum, devoted to Alexandrov life and activity, was opened. It occupies the building of Plakhino secondary school in Plakhino village, the native land for the musician.
There one can see the ensemble members costumes and instruments, Alexandrovs baton, posters, booklets and family phorgaphies.
Address: Ryazan Region, Zakharovo District, Plakhino
Tel.: (49153) 9-32-36

Pilgrim tourism

Chapel on a Blessed Pelageya Ryazanskaya rapture place (Zakharovo village)
Pelageya Ryazanskaya was born in 1889 in the Ivlevs rural family (Alexandr and Natalya). At that time there had been 2 girls in the family already — Anna and Feodora. Unfortunately, the third daughter child was born blind. Pelageya has had a foresight and healing gift since childhood and she devoted her life to being used of God and helping people.
She was buried in Zakharovo village, where now a chapel is situated.


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