Рязанская область - Отдых в Рязанской области

Famous Ryazan Citizens

Ryazan region is associated with the names of many well-known people, famous for their scientific and cultural achievements.

Sergey Alexandrovich Esenin (1895 — 1925)
Born in Konstantinovo Ryazan province. The great Russian poet, who praised the beauty of Russian nature and spiritual greatness of the Russian people.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 — 1936)
Born in the city of Ryazan. The great Russian scientist-physiologist, academician, created the theory of higher nervous activity, Russia's first Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine.

Constantine Eduardovych Tsiolkovsky (1857 — 1935)
Born in Izhevskoye village of Ryazan province. Outstanding Russian scientist and inventor, founder of the national space exploration. Contributed by researching aviation and astronautics.

Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin (1923 — 2000)
Born in the Pustobor village of Erahtursky region. A leading designer of missile and military space technology, he has created a space shield of our country — the strategic missile systems — stations «Mir» and «Buran».

Mikhail Dmitrievich Skobelev (1843 — 1882)
Bron in Skopinsky native county of Ryazan province. Military commander of the Infantry. Liberator of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov (1883 — 1946)
Born in Plakhino, Zakharovsky District. Composer and conductor, composer of Soviet Union and Russian anthems, and patriotic song «The Holy War», the founder of «Songs and Dances» Ensemble.

Fedor Andrianovich  Poletaev (1909 — 1945)
Born in Katino of Ryazan province. Hero of the Soviet Union and Italy.


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