Ryazan Folk Arts and Crafts

Ryazan region is famous for its native Russian flair and originality, which is most clearly reflected in folk arts and crafts. Mikhailov lace — the Russia's only colored lace, is a technique that has no equals. Kadom veniz is a unique white on white embroidery. Skopin art pottery is truly remarkable and well known. For tourists who want to take away a self-made souvenir, there are master classes, where you can learn pottery or lace-making.

Lace of Mikhailov

The only place where the colour lace is being weaved for a long time is Mikhailov. Mistresses make patterns of white and colour threads by the wooden wands-bobbins, which are pleasant to the eye by brilliance of ornament and wealth of invoice.

This lace is very distinctive. It doesnt contain flower and vegetable themes, which are very widespread in Russia. Pattern of lace is strict and geometrical-the oldest type of ornament. His elements were symbols of the sun, water, Yin.

Wonderful cheerfulness of Mikhailov lace is in quantity of colours: from modest,restrained and strict to bright, merry combinations of red and white with blue, red and white with yellow, red and black. Technology of numeral lace making is unique and doesnt have any analogs. Sometimes Mikhailov lace makers use up to 60 pairs of bobbins.

In ancient times laces were evaluated by weight and one gram of lace equated with one gram of gold. Nowadays masters and artists continue creating beautiful items of applied art restoring ancient traditions of unique lace making of Mikhailov, replenishing gold reserves of Russia. Programs of appointment tourists had developed by «Trugenica».

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Kadom veniz

The beginning of unique Kadom embroidery goes deep in centuries. According to a legend, Peter I prohibited buying lace abroad and ordered to teach Russian nuns the art of twining Venetian lace. The legend says that nuns were brought to Kadom, where they taught local needlewomen to create fantastic patterns. Kadom women quickly mastered the intricate art and started making marvelous Venetian lace. Soon, based on this teqnique, a unique needle embroidery «veniz» was created.

White cloth, cottons and ordinary needle do miracles when a master deals with them. Silky delicate transparent ornaments on the net make embroidery original and distinctive. «Veniz» is a hard kind of embroidery. To perform a delicate ornamental pattern 5 centimeters in diameter an experienced needlewoman has to spend not less than 8 hours of work.

Shilovo wicker-making

Wicker-making was an integral part of the traditionalpeasant culture of the Shilovo area. Every family madenecessary articles for their needs: baskets, cookingutensils, boxes, chairs, cradles, sledges and so on. Today the masters from Shilovo are ready to presentabout 75 kinds of various handmade wicker furniture, baskets and other articles for everyday necessities. They are made of rod, which possesses medical properties. It neutralizes negative energy in your house and creates the atmosphere of warmth, joy and happiness.

LLC «Shilovo rod» continues Shilovo rod weaving traditions. Its main area of work is making elegant woven furniture: wicker rocking chair, sofa and chairs, decorating items.

Tourists are offered to visit rod weaving master classes.


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