10 Reasons to Visit Ryazan

Ryazan region represents the whole Russia in miniature. Here you can find a vast variety of attractions, a fair presentation of long and rich history with unique customs, traditions, and many other features. We will tell you about the benefits and reasons for visiting our region.

1. Convenient geographic location.
One of the main advantages of the Ryazan region is its convenient location in Central Russia, its proximity to Moscow and good transport accessibility. All you need to do is to take a car or a train and, within 3 hours you will find yourself in Ryazan, where you can escape daily routine, feel the real Russian hospitality, immerse in the world of Ryazan history.

2. The centuries-old history.
Ryazan is one of the oldest Russian cities, with a history spanning over nine centuries. At the time when Moscow appeared in chronicles, Ryazan Princedom had already been called «the Great». There is a unique archeological monument — an ancient settlement «The Old Ryazan» or «The Russian Troya, where over 17 gold and silver jewelry pieces of the 12-13th centuries have been found, which is more than in other ancient cities.

Another popular tourist destination is Kasimov. It is a unique ethnic territory, situated in the Ryazan region. For a long time the city was under control of direct descendants of Genghis Khan, which is reflected in its architectural and cultural heritage. Kasimov is the only place where one can witness a mosque standing next to an orthodox church, hear both Russian and Tatar language and see how the customs of both nationalities fit well into modern town citizens life. 

3. The ancient architecture.
The historic center of Ryazan is the Kremlin. It is an outstanding architectural structure, built in the 17th century. Its size surpasses almost all the buildings of ancient Russia. The Historical and Architectural Museum, located on the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin, is considered one of the best in Russia. The museum displays archaeological treasures of Old Ryazan, a rich collection of ancient art and ethnography.

4. The unique nature.
There is a world famous «Meshchyora» area in Ryazan region, which, according to Greenpeace, is unrivaled in Europe due to variety of aquatic and forest complexes. It has a large number of protected natural areas, including the Oksky Nature Reserve, the only place in the world where you can see all kinds of cranes. The National Park «Meshchyorsky» is visited annually by thousands of tourists and lovers of Russian nature.

5. Museums of outstanding scientists and artists.
The most prominent and visited tourist sites in the Ryazan region include the State Museum-Estate of Sergey Esenin in Konstantinovo and the Memorial Museum-Estate of Academician I.P. Pavlov.
Tourists should definitely visit Konstantinovo village, the home of a prominent Russian poet Sergey Esenin. His poems were translated into 150 languages of the world. The Austrians view him as «Russian Mozart», the British — «Russian Hamlet», the French — «the Russian Francois Villon». Exploring Esenin will give you a great understanding of both Russian poetry and Russia itself.

Museum of Academician Ivan Pavlov, the first Russian Nobel Prize winner, is located in Ryazan city, in the house where he was born and raised to become a great scholar. The museum is notable for its cozy atmosphere. It recreates a Russian provincial family life of the 19th century. 

6. Unique folk arts and crafts.
Ryazan region is famous for its native Russian flair and originality, which is most clearly reflected in folk arts and crafts. Mikhailov lace — the Russia's only colored lace, is a technique that has no equals. Kadom veniz is a unique white on white embroidery. Skopin art pottery is truly remarkable and well known. For tourists who want to take away a self-made souvenir, there are master classes, where you can learn pottery or lace-making.

7. Ryazan hospitality traditions.


Guests are welcome in Ryazan villages, where they can discover unique Russian folklore, folk festivals, traditions and ceremonies. It is a great opportunity to see traditional costumes and outfits, taste a soup and a bun, cooked in a Russian stove, participate in olden Russian games and ceremonies.

8. Various types of tourism.
A vast variety of tourism branches in the Ryazan region allows each and every visitor to find a suitable option for a holiday: fascinating tours, pilgrimage tours, participation in event, business tourism, leisure and eco-tourism. Regardless of the season, you will always have something to do. In summer you can go hiking or travel by car, observing village and manor houses, arrange kayaking, horseback riding, biking, hunting and fishing. In winter — skiing, snowboarding or sledding.

9. Travel festivals.
Ryazan provides those who favor event tourism with an opportunity to participate in a variety of tourist activities: annual gastronomic raspberry festival, blacksmith and pottery festivals, military-historical festival «The Battle on the Vozha» and many other events.

10. Family leisure activities.
Nowadays there are many modern tourist complexes focused on family leisure activities. In the area not far from Ryazan city one of the most modern and largest waterpark in Russia «The Slides» is located, its perfect for both children and adults. If you are looking for pleasurable experiences, you will certainly find them by visiting tourist sites and entertainment of «Okskaya Zhemchuzhina» and «In a Kingdom» complexes like a waterpark, hotels, restaurants, Russian baths, craftsmen villages.
With that being said, visiting Ryazan will most certainly become one of the best traveling experiences you ever have.


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