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Tourists and guests of our region have an excellent opportunity to visit the ecologically clean forests districts of Meshchera, situated rather far from the large industrial centers. These places are popular with hunters, fishers, holiday-makers, who are fond of spending time in the open. The gates to Meshchera are National Park «Meshchersky» and Oksky Reserve.

Oksky Reserve

Oksky Nature Reserve presents the nature of southeast Meshchera; it is situated in 300 kilometers from Moscow and 120 kilometers from Ryazan. There are nurseries of bisons and rare cranes at the territory of the nature reserve. It is the only place in Russia where you can see all kinds of Russian cranes. The scientists of the preserve were the first in the world who created the technology of saving white cranes: they teach them to move, to fly, to live. About 50000 tourists visit the Reserve every year. The small rivers, forests, reserves and lakes of Meshchera are unique for organizing nature tourism. Only two Russian reserves, Oksky and Teberdinsky have been granted with the Diploma of the European Council.

Besides traditional excursions here are exclusive ecoprogrammes:
- «Crane on the Earth» — visitors can watch the process of crane nestling rearing
- «Watching birds in the nature» — tourists get to know interesting information about different kinds of birds, peculiarities of their behavior and life
- «Be a guest of a beaver and a desman»
- Horse riding through the picturesque places of Oksky Preserve
Brikin Bor, Spassk area, Ryazan region,
+7(49135)7-15-13, 7-22-74

National Park

National Park was created to preserve the natural and historical complexes of Meshchera. Natives and guests of the Park may have a good time on the banks of the Pra river, pick berries and mushrooms, make bicycle and kayak trips. Konstantin Paoustovsky, a famous Russian writer of the XX century, said: “I doubt whether I will ever see a river more mysterious and virgin than the river Pra.”
Spas-Klepiki, Ryazan region,
+7(49142) 2-62-75, 2-62-79, 



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